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About us Established     in     2000,     J.B.     Gas     Care     has     become     recognised     for     quality craftmanship   at   reasonable   costs,   and   since   then   we   have   been   installing   and servicing   central   heating   and   hot   water   systems   in   the   Wisbech   and   Fenland   area, building up a solid reputation.  Jim Bates is ex British Gas and has over 18 years' experience in the gas industry. Modern   systems   are   becoming   increasingly   more   complex   but   you   can   rest   assured that   our   engineers   are   fully   qualified   to   carry   out   the   services   we   offer.      In   addition   to the   statutory   level   of   training   and   expertise   you   might   expect,   we      also   regulary undergo   extensive   manufacturer   training   that   ensures   we   keep   right   upto   date   with the modern technology of the day. The company specialises in Gas Boiler repairs and servicing, but with the current  trend in trying to reduce our “Carbon Footprint”, we are finding more & more people are asking us to install & maintain Solar Heating systems. JB Gas Care would be happy to discuss & offer any advice, to our clients, about the benefits of Solar Heating. Whether you need a new system, have a problem with your current one, or just need to arrange a service call, you can rely on J.B. Gas Care to do a professional job at a sensible price.
Tel: (01945) 464065 / Mobile 07931 558 140
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