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Industrial Services At   JB   Gas   Care,   we   have   a   wealth   of   experience   in   the   use   of   indstrial   gas appliances   and   can   install   &   service   any   gas   boiler   or   ancillary   equipment   to   your exact   requirements.   If   you   are   looking   for   a   large   multi-boiler   implementation   or something   smaller   to   suit   your   business,   we   are   here   to   help   with   any   plans   you may have. Environmental There are many important considerations when installing a new industrial boiler and probably the most important one is to ensure that you get years of trouble free service and reliable efficiency from your equipment. JB Gas Care can offer you advice to not only save you money on running costs but also how to reduce your “carbon footprint” at a time when many people are taking measures to improve their image & their impact on the  environment. Operational requirements We understand that conitinuity in our clients business is very important to them and companies are finding that we can be very flexible by fitting in with their operational requirements. We aim to give you the absolute minimum of disruption to your business whilst carrying out a very professional job. Boiler Servicing We   offer   you   reliable   &   dependable   boiler   servicing   that   will   ensure   maximum   efficiency   of your   system   and   help   to   extend   the   life   of   your   boiler.   We   will   even   contact   you   just   before your   service   is   due,   that   way   you   will   not   have   to   worry   about   missing   a   service   and   you   can be sure that your system is always safe to use.
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